Sea Salt Neroli Sport Wash
  • Sea Salt Neroli Sport Wash

  • C$15.95

With Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Sport Wash keep active wear in great shape, particularly moisture-wicking microfiber and spandex fabrics. Plant-derived surfactants preserve stretch and restore clean. Vegetable extracts make odors vanish. HE formula.

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Machine wash delicate cycle (2 fl oz or 1/4 cup) or hand-was (1/2 fl oz or 1 tablespoon). Cold water recommended. Do not twist garments during rinsing. Roll in towel to remove excess water. Air dry when possible. Follow drying instructions on garments.

Gently clean your active-wear fabrics, including moisture-wicking microfiber and spandex with vegetable protein that eliminates odors and boosts plant-derived surfactants. 


Q. Can the Sport Wash be used in high efficiency washing machines? 

A. Yes.  The Sport Wash is formulated to be low-sudsing, which makes it safe to use in HE top loading and front loading washing machines.