Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Delicate Wash
  • Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Delicate Wash

  • C$15.95

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Delicate Wash was created with fragile fabrics in mind-washable woolens, cashmere, lingerie, nylon, silk, and linen. Gentle plant surfactants and essential oils create fresh, clean things.

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Machine wash (1 fl oz, 2 tablespoons) or hand-wash (1/2 fl oz, 1 tablespoon). Cold and warm water recommended. Do not twist garments during rinsing. Air dry when possible. Follow garment manufacturers’ instructions. Specially formulated for delicate fabrics including washable woolens, cashmere, lingerie, nylon, silk and linens. Plant derived surfactants care for your fine fabrics with no stretching, shrinking or discolouration.
Q. Can the Delicate Wash be used to wash wool or silk?
A. Please refer to your clothing label for care instructions. Our Delicate Wash is an enzyme-free formula that is safe to use on washable wool or silk.  If the label indicates to “dry clean only,” we would not recommend using our Delicate Wash to wash the item. 
Q. Is the Delicate Wash compatible for HE washing machines?
A. No. Our Delicate Wash is not a low-sudsing formula and therefore would not be compatible for use in high-efficiency washing machines.